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Agency principal

Cindy Zenor
Boss Lady!

What people say!

Viktoriia P.

Cindy Zenor insured me for years. Every time it was a pleasure to meet her. She is a great professional who always helps and gives the best advice. I would recommend her to anyone.

Tiffaney H.

Angela Ford was beyond amazing to work with! She helped me save $73 a month on my auto insurance! $73!!! I am so thankful for her help. She made sure my coverage was not only comparable but better than my current policy

Frank M.

My wife and I have been insured with Cindy Zenor for over 10 years. When we call in to make changes to the policies, the staff is always professional, informative and quick. Cindy has always taken great care of us!

Get to know us!

Insur-Mart wants to thank its customers and employees for 25 years of excellent business!  We figured that if we're going to ask every detail of your past, you have the right to know ours.  Established on April 17, 1998 Insur-Mart began in a small one room office space inside of an old Meridian home on Meridian Rd.  The company name was originally Health Benefits of Idaho and specialized in health insurance.  The owner, Cindy Zenor, had already been in the insurance business for 7 years as a dedicated employee for Allstate™.   In April of 2002. with the knowledge and experience needed, Cindy decided to add property and casualty to her already thriving health insurance business and renamed the agency to it's current name Insur-Mart.   Insur-Mart became the first Idaho affiliate for SIAA.  (SIAA is the nations largest partnering independent agency alliance...which equates to more buying power/access to competitive companies) Once approved, Insur-Mart was built on a strong foundation of experience and customer satisfaction.  With the time Cindy invested Insur-Mart  began to grow rapidly.  After 6 years of experiencing exponetial growth Insur-Mart moved to a larger building, of which we are currently located.  Today Insur-Mart services more than 5000 clients and is recommended by 95% of our customers.  With more than 25 years of experience, the priority of Insur-Mart is to provide outstanding customer service while developing lasting relationships with our clients.  Taking the values that we were built on, we will strive to continue providing exceptional service for years to come.

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