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Here are some quick facts about Cindy!


  • Cindy has been in the insurance business for over 30 years.


  • The Insur-Mart Insurance Agency is located in Meridian, Idaho.


  • Cindy represents over 70 companies.


  • Cindy can help with most insurance needs. Car, Home, Business, Health, Life and More.


  • Sam Zenor, Cindy's husband, is a 37 year, Hall of Fame, Allstate Agent with 2 locations throughout the Treasure Valley.


  • Just like you, Cindy is at work everyday.

Who Is Cindy Zenor?

Cindy Zenor (pronounced like "Cindy Zeener") has been working in the insurance field from the age of 21.  It's really the only career she's known.  If you ask her what is the secret to her success she'll tell you, "Put your head down and pull the weeds in front of you" says Cindy.  It was a work ethic instilled in her by her grandmother growing up when she was asked to do just that!


Cindy is the youngest of three children (all girls) and also a twin.  The other sisters are also successful in the insurance business and each got started by working with Cindy at Insur-Mart. Cameo, Cindy's twin, operates Access First Insurance and  Rachel, the oldest, has Health Benefits of Boise.  


As Cindy was growing up, the family lived all over the world, while Cindy's parents did missionary work.  They even spent time in Thailand.  Most of her tween years were spent in the Palm Springs area of California and the later teen years were in Jerome Idaho where Cindy attended High School.  Cindy "moved to the big city Boise" and at 21 entered the insurance business as a Customer Service Representative for Allstate.   She started Insur-Mart as a "scratch agency" (no customers) in 1998 and at that time it was a health insurance agency only and was known as Health Benefit of Idaho.  In 2002, Cindy began the property and casualty arm, changed the name to Insur-Mart and became the first SIAA affiliated agency in the State of Idaho.


With all of her professional accomplishments Cindy says , "I am most proud of my family".  Cindy has 4 kids, (3 step-children), 2 girls and 2 boys.  As well as 4 grandchildren!   "I have been blessed to have had the 2 boys, Jantzen and Collin work with me at Insur-Mart", says Cindy.  Both sons got their start by training at Insur-Mart.  Collin now runs one of the Allstate Agencies and is married to Rachel Zenor and they have 2 kids, Broderick and Brooke.   While Jantzen went on to graduate from Boise State University and now has his own Digital Marketing Company  Phvntom.  Jantzen is married to Shaniah Zenor.  Sheridan, the oldest daughter, is an English teacher at Owyhee High School in Meridian and also a graduate from Boise State.   She is married to Corey Berg.  They have 2 kids, Boone and Cora.  The youngest daughter is Carrigan, an RN at Mountains State's Urology in Meridian and is married to Jacob Dalmas.  Cindy has been married to her husband Sam Zenor for 26 years who is a successful Allstate agency owner.

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